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US Passport Fees- Details

Are you planning to travel outside US? Well travelling is a lot of fun and gives you an indispensable experience. However, where you lack a passport, your travelling urge and desire is dispensed. That is why you need to acquire a passport as fast as possible. Below are the fundamental charges or fees for applying a passport or renewing one. There is need to fathom these application fees and determine the one that applies to you.

The very first classification or passport applicati0on you must know about is first-time adult applicants. Adults are those persons who are above 16 years. First time applicants must always apply in person through form DS-11. Generally, applicants are charged an application fee of $110 for the passport book and $30 for the card. There is an execution fee which is also referred to as the acceptance fee of $35 that these applicants are supposed to pay. Where you need to apply for both the passport card and the [passport book, you will be subjected to an application fee and an execution fee of $140 and $35 respectively.

The other group is adult renewal application. These are renewals for persons who are still in the US. Basically, the government requires that all renewals be done by mail through a DS-82 form. The application fee for the passport book is $110 and that of a passport card is $30. Where you need to renew both your passport book and card, you will have to pay a summative figure of $140. Passport renewals does not attract any acceptance or execution fee.

The other group or passport fee information to get acquainted with is child passport application. Children are all those persons under the age of 16. They should always apply or have their passports renewed in person and not through mail. A child’s passport book and card are charged low as they attract a fee of $80 and $15 respectively. Therefore, where they need both the card and book, they should pay a summative figure of $95. Children are expected to pay an execution fee of $35.

Other fees charged are the correction or modification fee. Basically, these entails where a mistake was made and the information on the passport needs to be rectified or altered. Some of the things that might contribute to changes or corrections is typos on the passport or name change. Basically the fees tends to vary from $0 all through $165.

The US passport agency avails other supplementary services. For example, where you need to speed up your application, you are entitled to pay an extra charge of $60. Expedite services are only available to applicants residing in the US. Other extra services include file searches which is charged at $150.

The info above helps you acknowledge the passport application and renewal fees. It only takes eight days to process your passport after submitting your application to a passport agency. There are opportunities availed for expediting your passport process.

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