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Oil: A Natural Resource

We need oil as a natural resource to produce other substances. World oil production is different in many countries. Oil production is a major industry. There have been numerous reports on the production of oil and how it affects daily life.

The world has oil reserves. Researchers have come up with some staggering statistics about oil reserves. Because oil is a natural resource, it can become obsolete. Natural resources enhance the way we live and increase our survival rate. Living and survival depends on the use of minerals and natural resources.

Survival ratings are increased when people use natural resources and minerals. Oil is a power resource and people use it for many different things. Oil production by country will differ. Some countries are in the top 5 or 10 in oil production. Oil reserves are not specifically known.

Saudi Arabia is the number one country for oil production. Oil reserve is calculated by how much oil production decreases per year.

Another country on the top list is Canada. Canada has found oil in the sand. Iran mass produces oil as well. Oil production occurs in different countries at different rates. This country produces mass oil too. Millions of barrels of oil are produced on a daily basis from these high ranking countries. Oil production may decrease and oil reserves will be the back up for this event.

New developments in the oil industry makes the production increase and decrease at certain levels. At times, the oil reserve may be scarce or abundant. Oil production comes from the countries that control the flow. Additional resources are continuously being discovered. The world depends on oil production for so many reasons. Oil is a great natural resource.

Oil production prices climb steadily. Decades to come will know about the increase in oil prices. Oil production is also decreasing. Oil production is being controlled by those who are generating the most profits. High quality oil from these fields are in question. When oil is not easy to extract, prices will go up. Oil production needs to be twice as fast as its consumption. Without the use of oil, the world could not operate effectively. Now that the population in the world is steadily increasing, the demand for oil is higher than ever.

According to these facts, more oil is in demand. The demand for oil means that more will come from the reserves if production does not increase. The problem is that the reserves might be depleted. Oil production is very important across the world. Oil production needs to keep up with population increases. Other resources are being explored so the dependency on oil is not so great. No matter how you look at it, oil is a major factor in the world.

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